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Use conversational AI to your advantage!


Conversational AI

Deliver a new customer support experience with the Tilde.AI conversational AI platform. Introduce multilingual chatbots with cutting edge natural language understanding capability, helping your customers across borders and communication channels.

Why Tilde.AI?


Expand your customer support team with an AI-powered intelligent chatbot

Tilde.AI chatbots converse with users in their language. Using machine learning chatbots can understand textual or voice inputs, identify the user’s actual intent and deliver response via text, visual media, or voice.

Tilde.AI is a blend of cutting-edge AI technology and business know-how

Tilde is a leading European language technology research hub and a pioneer in using neural networks for processing even the most complex under-resourced languages. Our products and services are used by thousands of individuals and organizations including the European Commission and many international corporations including IBM, Microsoft and others.


We specialize in both – custom technologies and complex languages

If you have clients in European countries, they prefer to communicate in their native language! Tilde has achieved excellence in machine learning systems for most European languages and this is used in developing our AI-enabled virtual assistants. Our roots are in the Baltics, thus naturally our focus is on the languages spoken around the Baltic Sea.

The Human Element of Tilde.AI

Reach out for a meeting with our AI mentors! We will be happy to discuss your needs and share our thoughts on the best user communication experience we can deliver together!

Kaspars Kaulins

Kaspars Kauliņš

AI Team Lead


Renata Špukienė

Renata Špukienė

AI Mentor


Pekka Myllylä

Pekka Myllylä

AI Mentor



Our Partners

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This is what we do

Tilde speech technologies

The secret value of recorded audio data for contact centres

Most companies providing customer or internal user support by phone make recordings of these conversations for quality assurance, but there’s so much more you can do with this data by introducing automated speech recognition (ASR) technology into your workflows. Let’s talk about these benefits and opportunities, which have long only been available for the world’s dominant languages. At Tilde, we are working hard to also make such technology-driven business gains available for companies operating using Baltic languages.

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Kantar TNS Lithuania

Lithuanian audio and video recordings converted to text by AI

With its 125 employees and full-service expertise, Kantar TNS Lithuania is one of the best-established research companies in the Lithuanian market.

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e-Gov virtual asisstant UNA

e-Gov virtual assistant makes talking with the government painless

The Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia is the main contact point and source of information about registration of companies in Latvia and keeping track of all companies doing business in this country.

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Tilde.AI is a Conversational AI platform for customer support. Our virtual assistants work on many communication channels with cutting edge Natural Language understanding. Reach out and learn mote about AI Chatbots for customer service!

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